Floating Support

Funded by Supporting People

The project is part of the Sir Gar Domestic Abuse Floating Support Service

Floating Support provides a more intensive and structured support to help people maintain their tenancy by helping to deal with debt, finding alternative housing, developing personal skills and provides advocacy i.e. helping with solicitors, doctors, courts, hospitals, schools, parenting etc. We can also signpost for confidence-building, building self-esteem after domestic abuse as well as a range of other programmes such as the Freedom Programme, the Recovery Toolkit etc.

The service in Carmarthen provides support to 15 individuals or families in the community at any one time. The staff provide a flexible service to develop skills and assist in the prevention of abuse and homelessness. The primary aim of the service is to enable people to feel safe feel safe the service.

An 80 year old woman was supported by the floating support team after leaving refuge. She felt vulnerable and isolated in her home. She had no close family and still felt unsafe from the abuser. The service user had to sell her property which was very overwhelming and move to another town. She said she wouldn’t have coped or had the confidence to move had she not had the support from Carmarthen domestic abuse services. The support worker helped her to find a lovely apartment in a supported accommodation complex. The move although stressful mad the service users feel empowered again, happy and safe, living close to family.

“Jane was in a very bad state initially, isolated, stressed and worn down by domestic abuse. She is elderly and has a number of disabilities. She was provided a vital life line of communication, help and encouragement to get her back functioning again. She is now happily settled in a new home. CDAS staff were essential to the whole process.”

Feedback from a family member