Blanket of Hope

Blanket of Hope is a short book of poems that has been written and produced by a group of CDAS survivors of domestic abuse. This wonderful book is available from our office in Queen Street at a cost of £8.00 with the entire amount supporting CDAS in future domestic abuse services.



No more pain.

I was hurting.

I was in pain.

I cried a lot and walked in the rain.

Know one knew what I went through.

Anger, hurt, if only they know.

I needed a safe home and most of the time I was alone,

No money, no friends, no life.

Boy am I glad I was never his wife.

New start, new home, new friends,

This is how my poem ends.


Pause and Reflect

To all of you who’ve helped me through this low
You’ve been there in my need and I want you to know
You’ve helped me as I stumble, you’ve helped me as I fall
I have certainly gained from knowing you all.
You’ve taught me to believe, you’ve taught me to trust
You’ve taught me that opening up is a must
You’ve taught me how important it is for me to feel
If scars from the past are to properly heel.
You’ve taught me also to face up and see
How important it is to find out the real me
To discover and allow the good as well as the bad
To understand and accept the happy as well as the sad
But also to know things are rarely just wrong or just right
To accept the shady areas amidst the black and the white
And to know that my strength must come mainly from within
If I’m going to progress and newly begin
I know tat I still have a long way to go
That starting afresh will at times be painful and slow
But with the help that you’ve given, I believe it’s possible to do
So for being there when needed I want to thank you